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“One thing that is really beautiful about Toronto is that we have such a wide variety of cultures. So many different versions and so many different music.” – Andrew Irvin

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 18, Andrew Irvin talks about his journey as an entrepreneur and his company, Our Plat4m.

Who is Andrew Irvin? How Did His Entrepreneurial Journey Begin?

Andrew Irvin is the founder of Our Plat4m. The inspiration for his entrepreneurial journey began as early as his high school years. He always had an entrepreneurial spirit and he put that into action as a Club Promoter for his high school. The first entrepreneurial job he can remember was selling water, cloth, and various products to customers at Caribana.

After that, Andrew decided to take his entrepreneur to the next level. He pursued his post-secondary education at George Brown, earning a Business Management diploma. 

Like many entrepreneurs, Andrew tried many different businesses. Eventually, he realized that his great passion was working with individuals in the music industry.

In addition, this passion started from the challenge of Toronto’s entertainment industry. The challenge of having a lot of models, musicians, and talent yet there is no one necessarily managing it.

About Andrew’s Music Platform, Our Plat4m

Our Plat4m is a media company that focuses on promoting people of colour.  Andrew’s friends came up with a unique name for the company, “Our Plat4m”. Andrew initially established Our Plat4m as an Instagram page to promote various local artists within the Toronto community.

Andrew realized that there was so much talent not being promoted the right way. After that, Andrew focused on his website to build a music platform that highlights artists and their content. 

Andrew was inspired by a quote from Marcus Garvey, saying something along the lines of, “Why to request a seat at their table? It’s better to build their own.” 

That was exactly what Andrew did. He created his own media platform where people of colour could be highlighted solely on their music. The wide range of cultures in Our Plat4m’s community makes it different and unique.

Our Plat4m’s goal is to represent people of colour and their cultures in a positive light. The media throws in many narratives thus Andrew wants to change the perspective of our society’s media.

Advice For Entrepreneurs

Andrew offered advice to entrepreneurs to “just get started, that is typically the hardest part.” He also recommended having a realistic time frame as to when you intend to be successful. By making realistic small steps to get there, it is easier to celebrate along the way.

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To wrap up Bizgrams Episode 18, Chris-Beth asked Andrew to share a funepical thing he does to express self-love. Andrew mentioned coaching his son’s basketball team. “Basketball was a passion of mine when I was younger, and as I got older, I lost the opportunity to play and the passion for it. So just watching my son in the gym is really fun and really rewarding.” 

You can catch a discussion with Chris-Beth Cowie on Andrew Irvin’s passion for promoting the culture of people of colour and the ways to work around negativity in the next blog, Be A Part of a Positive Space!

Watch Andrew Irvin’s video, Episode 18: Bizgrams with Andrew Irvin.

Based on Andrew’s journey and his company, Our Plat4m, what does success look like for you?

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