An Entrepreneurial Society to help reduce Discrimination.

Sunjit-Talks about bringing compassion in business
Amanda-Jelly Social
Jelly Social- For compassion in entrepreneurs

“When it comes to Jelly Social, a lot of the core philosophy is how can we bring the compassionate heart back into business” Sunjit Khamba

On Empowered 4x’s Bizgrams Episode 3, our guests, Sunjit Khamba and Amanda Russell, Co-Founders of Jelly Social, are the dynamic duo who provide entrepreneurship insight. In this episode, we learn the motivation behind creating a company & Entrepreneurial Soceity that supports BIPOC entrepreneurs.

Who is Sunjit Khamba? Where Did His Inspiration Come From?

Sunjit is the Co-Founder of Jelly Social, a non-profit organization. He is the third-generation entrepreneur in his family, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. A hussle environment, as Sunjit liked to put it, clearly turned him into the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

Before his start with Jelly Social in 2015, Sunjit worked in the oil and pharmaceutical business. He specialized in strategy development and RI analysis. He is also an expert Human-Centred Design (HCD) practitioner and program designer. This supports him by mobilizing impactful social movements that benefit the BIPOC community.

While working in the oil and pharmaceutical industry, Sunjit was working on strategies that questioned his moral beliefs. Doing good for the world was not possible if he continued with this career path. Moreover, his passion for doing business while also helping others began.

Who is Amanda Russell? How Does She Do It All?

There is nothing more inspiring than a mother who can do it all. Amanda grew up witnessing her entrepreneur father in the works. She works as a connector, legal advocate, change agent, event planner, and networker all while being a mother to her daughter.

With her event planning experience, Amanda launched a company called Evento in 2010. In 2012, Amanda founded WE CAN Network, a non-profit organization that is designed to create a platform for business networking opportunities.

The passion that Amanda possesses for empowering the entrepreneurial community led her to Co-Found Jelly Social in 2015, alongside the other half of the dynamic duo, Sunjit.

What Is Jelly Social? And the Entrepreneurial Society created by them? 

Imagine a safe space of 4000+ members all working towards their goals of starting and growing a business, while encouraging each other to succeed. Imagine no more because that is Jelly Social’s Entrepreneurial Society.

This non-profit organization is striving to remove discriminatory boundaries in entrepreneurship. A community of over 4000 BIPOC entrepreneurs are offered support to succeed in their growing business endeavours.

Jelly Social believes that local entrepreneurs are only as strong as the network of peer supporters they have around them.

Sunjit and Amanda offer tips to entrepreneurs to help them with their journey. These tips are to experiment with your business right now, engage with one another with compassion, and network!

The shared passion that Sunjit and Amanda have had, encouraged a wide community of entrepreneurs in the GTA to follow their dreams.

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Bizgram ep 3

To wrap up Bizgrams Episode 3, Chris-Beth asked the duo to share a funepical self-care tip. Sunjit enjoys starting off his day with meditation and enjoys reading and taking notes on what was read. Amanda enjoys baking and having treats like ice cream and brownies with her family.

You can catch the full discussion with Chris-Beth Cowie on Sunjit Khamba and Amanda Russell  Compassion in Business in the next blog, The Notion of the Compassion by Jelly Social!

Watch Sunjit and Amanda’s video, Episode 3: Bizgrams with Jelly Social 

Knowing the support that Jelly Social provides for others, what do you do to support fellow entrepreneurs? And would you like to be a part of such an entrepreneurial society? You can join Jelly Socials monthly events and learn about the amazing support they can provide.

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